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Psychic Source Reviews

So the first site we are going to review is Psychic Source. Being one of the most famous psychic sites around there, myself and other sun children have used psychic source and liked it.  It's easy to use and they have a good choice of psychics.  

Psychic Source have been around for years and are pretty strict when it comes to choosing their psychics, so most of the readings we have got from there have been good to really good.

We have had the odd reading that we didn't like but usually got this exchanged for another reading.  I think this is just a part and parcel of getting psychic readings, sometimes they go wrong but the good sites will offer you another reading if so.

Anyway I know that people really like to see reviews so below I will share some of our psychic source reviews and some from other customers. I've seen a few bad reviews coming up for them but I think that is because you can't please all of the people all of the time, and people generally tend to comment when they are unhappy with something

If you've used Psychic Source please comment below and tell us what your experience was, who you used and so on, hopefully we will get feedback from everybody, happy and unhappy.  Let's make this a really excellent way to find the best and not so great psychics on psychic source to save us all time!  

Psychic Source Customer Reviews

Some top rated psychics we like:


Betty is so sweet and reassuring and I love talking to her, here's some feedback from us and other customers

"Betty, once again, gave me exactly what I needed: honesty and truth, peace of mind, loving guidance, and renewed faith in the strength of the love my man and I share. I trust this gifted, gifted lady with all my heart. Her readings with me are always spot on. God bless you dear Betty!"

"Excellent. Betty said their behavior is beneath me and to not lower myself to their behavior. She provided wise advice as always. It's clear to see why she is one of the top advisors. She gives sage advice on situations and doesn't involve herself in it - just stays on topic with extremely sage advice. Thank you!!!"

"I liked Betty's reading and her approach. It is no-nonsense and just factual. No sugar coating. Because she doesn't show emotion, I know she is being non-biased. I can see that her prediciton is coming to light."

"Betty is extremely trustworthy psychic. She is without a doubt the best on Psychic Source. Her predictions has come to pass every time. She is someone you can trust and depend on."

"Excellent! Had a good insight reading with Betty. She read me very accurately, and ,as always, gave me a very good advice. Thank you, Betty."

"Betty had told me a few readings ago that my interest I could smell at night. She described the scent and sure as heck I smelt him. Not the smell that Betty told me but it was him. Crazy! I am developing my 3rd eye which Betty picked up and said to keep going. Thanks so much Betty."

"Betty, I hope you read this because I didn't get a chance to thank you. You've been unbelievably helpful!! Betty has been the only advisor I've spoken to who has given me specifics about my life and situation. Not only did she give me specifics, but she confirmed some thoughts and has given excellent advice. She's very well spoken, very kind and so patient. She's wonderful and I will definitely speak with her again!"


Therese is one of Psychic source's most famous readers and so we had to try her.  She doesn't come cheap mind you but she does get to the point quickly and very well. She was especially great when Fleur lost her cat, she helped us find her! She's good at predicting time frames too. Read our and other customer review of Therese below.

"If you have a lost animal, call Therese. Twice, Therese has helped locate a lost animal for me. Sometimes the clues sound strange, but it makes sense when it comes to light. A cat that I thought would never return, did, exactly the way that she said. She is passionate about animals, and her psychic ability seems to be totally in tune with animals in peril. Thank God I called Therese. A very tender soul, with people and animals alike."

"I can now understand why the waiting list to speak with Therese is so lengthy! I am so happy that we had an opportunity to discuss the current challenges in both my career and romantic life! I particularly benefitted from her professional view of the corporate world and how I need to heal from the scenario I left recently. It is also good to know that J's decision to retreat is not permanent and that he will resurface again! Also knowing that a serious contender may enter my love life will certainly make things interesting! I will be calling back with updates for sure!"

"you said I was going to hear from him and see him between 24 and 48 hours. He contact me a couple of hours after I spoke with you and I also saw him :):) Therese what can I say? So far you ROCK for me."

"Therese is absolutely amazing!! She is so incredibly accurate and I always feel better after talking to her, even when it's not what I want to hear. She's hard to get a hold of but well worth the wait! I hope you had a wonderful holiday Therese! Talk to you soon...xoxo"

"She was right a month ago, when she said that I will have an interview with a law firm. I did. However, I did not want it after interviewing. She told me that I probably would not like it, and she was right. She told me that too. She is still saying that I will have a new job by 1st week of June."

"Therese, you are amazing reader and a friend... Thanks for helping me in this situation that I'm. And I hope that everything change soon, I'm really really already for a change, one way or another! Well my best for you, and I'm going to TRY to hold on and see what happen for now on, is hard to NOT think about call you, and tell you everyhting that happen it, I will be thinking about you and what you would tell me in the moment... But I'm going to have to put my credit card for a rest for while(I have too), every call I give to you, was all worth it. Thank you very much... I'm very very glad I met you...Love, Fatima."

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Mazie might not be as famous as Therese but the good thing about that is she is more affordable, and she is just as experienced, having read for psychic source for 20 years.  Really like her and a great personality.  Great for spiritual readings as well as other things.  Occasionally she does get a bad connection so if your reading has no relevance to you then get a refund! 

"Always 5 stars. Sweet, down to earth, funny. Info that I've ever received has always been dead on."

"You were right about me getting into the acting workshop, you saw my first day at the acting workshop even before I did attend and the two event that will happen in two weeks(without me telling you), it will be my scene in two weeks..Everything you said, happen according as you said..Remote viewing beautiful:) You were right about me sticking with one instrument than two, as I was trying to utilize two instruments, obstacles keep arising causing me to only choose one..I love my mama Mazie, always accurate, honest, straightforward, and knows everything (everything from telepathy and the people and energy around me)...Oh by the way, you were also right about a man from my past coming back to my life, he's the same man who coincidentally got promoted and transferred just as the same time I got transferred and promoted!!! Mazie is the best my friends!!!"

"your right on! things are starting to move a little more with me and A. I hope to see the rest of your predictions come to pass soon. thank you!"

"This lady has restore my faith! She is amazing! The only advisor whose predictions have so far come thru for me....On my previous testimonial dated 8/9, I stated that the short term prediction she had giving me had happened, less than a week after I spoke to her. Well....I was WRONG! It actually happened yesterday Sun 8/12, and she was RIGHT!! We were both driving, and I caught a red light on the street he was coming from!!! He drove right past me!! lol. She was slightly off on her timing, and the day of the week.. But it still happened less than a month of my first call to her!!! That first sighting was a curve ball! lol! Wow!!! I was so excited that I had to call her this morning and give her the news! :) Had an awesome 2nd reading with her! Mazie, is able to give you lots of detailed info thru her guides, and I amazed that she was able to NOT ONLY give me a time frame, day of the week, place of event, but how much MONEY I will be spending at the time as well!! Amazing!! This is another short time frame prediction but I have faith that Mazie's vision will come to be whether or not she's off on timing!! Thanks for giving me hope again Mazie...You are truly amazing and gifted person!!! :) BTW..I love the new profile pic, very pretty!"

"okay mazie you said he would come over by sunday 9/5. well he came over 9/4, and i'm happy just waiting,he told me he loved me and can't forget the mistake the lady said at work that i died and he said he would of jumped in the grave with me, well i'm not dead as you know and i'm doing great,i told him there has been a bond there for years and now he has to do what he knows is right, he is still afraid of losing me i know he is in love with me so now we see what happens after the holidays. thank you we have alot of years behind us you and me i know it has to be over 5 years now, talk to you soon"



Ricky is another one of the very famous and best psychic source psychics and we've used him many times over the years, and there is somethign very loveable about him, or at least that is what us ladies say anyway!  Just like Therese he isn't cheap but when you really need good advice he is a great psychic to consult.

"WOW!!! Ricky is SUPER FABULOUS!!! I am so glad he took my call. He totally blew me away! I am BREATHLESS and utterly SPEECHLESS! I can barely type this feedback... His readings are ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL!!! I love his style of delivering the message, his confidence, calming nature and how HE KNOWS SOOOOO MUCH!!! It was like talking to a friend, except none of my friends are this GIFTED! I could validate everything he said that I knew first hand about the people involved. Ricky gave lots of details, clearly explained what's going on, gave sound advice, and future dates for specific changes to occur. Everything makes sense now!

This was my first time speaking with Ricky and it will not be my last... I see why there are always so many callers waiting in line for a reading from Ricky. I will be back in line because HE IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT! I don't need confirmation from any other adviser because Ricky nailed everything!!! My spirit has been lifted and I am hopeful for the future. The call ended before I could say Thank you Ricky!!! YOU ARE THE BEST and YOU DESERVE A BILLION STARS!!! Will contact you again soon... J-DC"

"I love Ricky!! everything he tells me comes true. He can see things and know things that no one else knows or picks up.."

"Ricky is always frank, very psychic, has been accurate in the past - which is why I continue to listen to him, he's good on dates. Consistently genuine."

"I remembered Ricky saying that the first plan in going to the restaurant, A and I love will be rescheduled. Well guess what my dear Ricky it was rescheduled. OMG you are really something. You continue to amazed me. Love the 3 of you. Sorry I was not able to say bye but will keep you posted. Hope you like the cologne. Love you Ricky"

"Princess Rachel loves the incredible, legendary and magnificent big brother Ricky! I send you tons of love and light my big bro! Thank you brother Rick for walking with me through thick and thin: you are a second father to me, a big brother, a true angel, and a true friend! You're always in my heart! I've got the chills, too, big bro as everything you told me since last year, all are panning out and unfolding even the little and huge ones! Having a reading or having that chance to speak with the great Ricky, will change your life and will unlock the answers to your questions! Ricky is one of the greatest readers of all-time from the many years of experience as a medium and reader! You can absolutely trust him as he delivers honesty, accuracy, authenticity and spiritual guidance from the other realm as well!

Like Sadie, Peg, Deidre Woods, Moira, Leena, Joseph, Liz, Stella, Therese, Ernest and Narnia, the legendary Ricky puts his full soul and devotion to his readings and crafts giving that satisfaction and fulfillment to his clients including me! Brother Ricky has touched so many lives and restored many from his incredible abilities and amazing wisdom! A Hall of Fame award should absolutely be given to the legendary great Ricky! I love you big bro! Thank you it's finally happening! Love and light, your Princess Rachel"

"Ricky was fabulous. Since my reading with him 3 out of 4 things he said would happen have. The time frame for the fourth things has not come yet, but I have no doubt that when it does, it will happen. Thank you Ricky! You are wonderful!"


A couple of us have tried Tami recently as she is recommended by psychic source, here's our feedback and one from someone else. Again she may not be as failproof as readers like therese but she is super quick and to the point and a bit cheaper than ricky and therese so worth a go if you like the sound of her from her profile.  She found a lost thing for one of us which was great, often psychics find this difficult in my experience.

"MT (Magick Tami) was right on target. Could not find my gold necklace, she said it was in the pocket of my jacket, sure enough I found it after months of wondering where I put it. Told her I was trying to rent a house, she told me it was mine and the other family would back out. My realtor called me a few days later and said that we were turned down and the other family was given the rental. I was disappointed that MT wasn't correct....2 days passed the realtor called me back..the other family backed out and the house was mine!! Wow, she was right again. Amazing!"

"I just love Magick Tami, she is wonderful! Tami has helped me through a job loss as well as romance issues. Once she "tunes" into your situation she does not waiver. Tami, thank you for your guidance you are truly gifted!!!"

"I appreciated her blunt response, just straight to the point, didnt burn up YOUR minutes....can't wait to see her timeline on this situation, hope it come to pass for my daughters sake. THANKS Tami"

Thats all we've got for now, but if you have a psychic you like or don't like let us know and we will add your review and will try to use him or her, or you can leave a psychic source review below in the comments!

If you are a new customer then you can try out some of the readers above for $1 a minute.

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I will be looking at different aspects of spirituality, healing and clairvoyance, with a special emphasis on reviewing good and bad services that we have received.

Please add your thoughts and join us!

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