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What is Awakening

Have you ever felt that you were asleep as you go through life? Have you ever wonder if everything around you was real or just a dream you have no power of waking up from? All of us have wondered about this at some point. We have all wanted answers. We longed to know why do we exist, why where we born into this world and for what purpose does our existence hold.

Awakening is the realization that you are not one with this physical world but an energy that transcends it. It is the process of Knowing the TRUE SELF. For centuries man has always searched the plains outside of the human existence. He has wondered about the afterlife, reincarnation, the union of man and the stars and the cosmos. Many religions have the same or almost the same belief: that man is not just of this world but a being of both spirit, physicality and energy.

Plato and the Allegory of the Cave

Plato, one of the ancient scholars believed that everything that exists in this world are mere copies of the ones in the true world. He tells the story of the allegory of the cave. He narrates the story through a conversation between his mentor Socrates and his brother Glaucon. In the said story, he tells that there were some slaves who were in a cave. Now these slaves were tied so that they are only to face a blank wall. The slaves see images of shadows that were shown as a fire burned behind them. The shadows were the only things that the slaves could see; thus they named the said shadows. The shadows were the only reality that prisoners believed in. This was REALITY to them. They were controlled by the people walking behind them who used wooden figurines to project shadows of men or animals.

Then one day, one of the prisoners was able to escape. He runs out of the cave and sees the sun. The brightness of the sun confuses him. He then realizes that the sun is the True Source of LIGHT and not the fire in the cave. He first feels utter confusion in the things that surround him. He tries to makes sense of what was in the cave and finds out that they were just mere puppets and projections that have cast a shadow on to the wall. He sees other forms of reflections and projections such as the water in the stream. He realizes that he must return to cave to enlighten his brethren.

In the said story Socrates says that if the enlightened man dares to go back to the dark cave, he would then be ridiculed. His eyes would no longer be able to see well in the darkness of he has been Enlightened. He will be shamed by others or may even be killed. He will be called foolish. But he must return to enlighten the other slaves.

Kundalini Awakening and Prana

In Indian traditions such as Hinduism, humans are said to be entangled in the web of life and will be forced through the process of reincarnation. Reincarnation is a never ending sentence in which one has to go through punishment or reward of Karma; thus turning one into different forms. In order reincarnate into a higher spiritual Self in the next life, one must attain a state of cosmic consciousness known as Kundalini Awakening. This allows the Self not be turned into an animal with minimal sentience.

Now a days Kundalini Awakening has also been seen as an important factor into achieving life balance with or without the belief in reincarnation. It represents the power to take control of one’s true self, rather than be a victim of circumstances.

Kundalini is the then the enlightening power that allows the mind and soul to see all that is. It awakens the human’s Prana or his life force. We can liken the Kundalini to a snake who wraps itself around a person’s spine. Once Awakening is achieved, the Kundalini snake rises up and awakens the brain and the nerves throughout the body. This gives a person the power to transcend the world’s pure physicality and now become a higher consciousness. A higher consciousness frees the soul and allows it to overcome many sufferings caused by the physical plain.

Bodh and Nirvanai: The Enlightenment in the Buddhist Way

Gautama Buddha, one of the most famous men to ever achieve Awakening and Enlightenment founded the religious ways of Buddhism. In Buddhism, one must be Enlighten or one has to achieve a state of Bodhi in order for one to come into the state of Nirvana, the complete enlightenment. Nirvana was a state in which Dukkha, or worldly suffering is gone. In achieving this highest state one must go through the four stages of awakening such as: Sotapanna, Sakadagami, Anagami and Arahat.

To the Buddhist world, being in the state of full enlightenment or Nirvana was the ultimate goal. I meant total freedom of the Self. It released the self from the demands of the physical world. Once can abandon the needs for material things, sex, power and too much food. One is no longer bound by the world but goes above it. Death does not scare a person is Enlightened.

Christianity and Enlightenment

Christianity may be of the Western world, which is much apart from the teaching and ways of the Eastern side that believes in Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism or the like, but it is still believes much in Enlightenment. Jesus Christ was the pure embodiment of Enlightenment. He was the Son of God, the Messiah. He was born as a man, but he is not a man. He teaches that the world is full of material things with which we should detach from. In the Bible, He was said to be tempted by the devil but he rebuked the Serpent who offered him reaches and life. He shared his Enlightenment to his decuples. They were able to perform miracles like their master.

Jesus even mentions “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light “, this emphasizes the importance of being Enlightenment in Christianity. He performs many miracles and tells parables that point out to this.

During the Pentecost, the Holy Ghost comes down and sends burning flames on the top of the heads of the disciples. They now begin to speak in tongues and understand things they could normally not do so.

In the recent times, an Evangelical movement in the Protestant churches called the Great Awakening where in many people began turning away from sin and focusing on the teachings of the church also emphasizes how important Awakening is.


Many belief systems have studied about Awakenings. They have all realized that the Physical World is not just the true world and the Self has to be free. There may be different interpretations of this, however all point to one thing; achieving Awakening is the true goal of man’s existence. Man should be free from the imprisonment of the material world.

To Awaken one’s self is to feel free from waking up each day aimlessly walking into life. It is to liberate one’s self from the fear of poverty, sickness, loneliness and materialism.

One must Awaken to fully achieve his True Self.







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Who are the lightworkers?

We can all be lightworkers, in fact all of us are, as we are all made of the same energy, the same light!

But what does it really mean to be a practicing sun child, or a light worker?  We'll be explaining that to you below but here's a video to get you started!

Isn't the music divine!

When the universe was created millions of years ago, the Cosmic Energies flowed and created light, earth, water, air and most of all energy. This energy transcended into different individuals and beings. The Light Source, the source of all light and life gave each and every one of us the capacity to be enlightened and know the truth. However, as we are born into the world, we first become conscious of our mortal and physical selves. We become immersed first in the human experience and thus we become of this world. On the other hand, Lightworkers are individuals who have encompassed being human and spirit and have realized the wisdom and “Light” within them.

Lightworkers are souls who have a higher sense of enlightenment; such as knowledge, wisdom, love, respect and awareness of life. They are just like you and me, they are human and fallible. Lightworkers are beings whose goal in life is to bring forth light and love into this world. They strive for peace and wisdom and abhor division, war and separation.

Who are Lightworkers?

The term Lightworker evokes a sense of heightened knowledge, however they are not higher souls than other mortals. They are also human beings who feel emotions like happiness, desire, joy, sadness, anger and grief. They word Lightworker basically comes the word light and worker. He or she has been enlighten and aims to work into helping others achieve the same enlightenment. A Lightworker is a person who sees the light at the end of the tunnel. He or she has a clearer vision of life, beyond what is dictated by religion and society. He or she realizes that no one religion if the true truth, but rather acknowledges that every religion has truth in them.

Knowledge and the Lightworker

Lightworkers aim to spread the truth into this world. They challenge the truth that is normally dictated by the society. Lightworkers are often hear a calling to be psychologists, teachers, artists, writers, nuns, monks, healers and spiritual workers or volunteers. They are drawn into the philosophical arts and want to learn the logic of life and the eternal force that flows around every one of us. Lightworkers are drawn to speaking or using words that heal heart and souls. They have affinity to helping children or the elderly learn new things.

Lightworkers and Spirituality

Lightworkers often realize the fluidity of spirituality early in their lives. They wonder how magic and religion can be combined. They question the teachings dictated by their elders and find sense in mixing the thoughts behind different religions. They see that science and spirituality are not two separate things but rather explanations of one another. They see magic are something as they flow of fast phased energy which humans are not able to explain. They accept that the human form cannot fully comprehend the immense truth in the vast universe, and need to transcend this plain in order to fully experience the knowledge that the cosmos has to offer.

Lightworkers do not deny the divinity of different religions but rather accept them as different levels of truth. They see angels, spirits, saints, prophets, witches, shamans, monks are parts of the immense flow of knowledge given to the human beings. They have also accepted that humans may not be the only living forms in this universe. They animals as capable of sentience as well.

Lightworkers and Life

Lightworkers have a deep connection to the Force of Life. They feel that every bit of creation around them has earned the respect and deserve to live. They feel pain and sorrow in death and destruction. They have the affinity for caring for plants and animals. They maybe veterinarians or farmers or environmentalists aiming to protect the world. They aim to protect beings who are weaker than themselves. Lightworkers often love pets and plants in their house. They see that giving life to creatures who cannot return their kindness other than giving them unconditional love is a worthy task. They honor life and try to preserve it. They do not want to see the environment being damaged.

Lightworkers and the Society

Lightworkers can be seen as oddities to the society. They are often detached from the normal world. Sometimes they try to hide their different belief for they hate aggression and conflict. They see that no one truth dictated by the society around them is true, but rather a combination of many truths is the reality. They are accepting and tolerant. They do not care about race, religion, color, disability or any other defining factor for them to form connections to other people.

At times lightworkers, find rapture in detaching themselves from this world. They often feel uncomfortable in dogma and systematic dictation of the society. They often find happiness in solitude, daydreaming and meditating. Some people who are not familiar with them may construe them as lazy, uncouth or unacceptable in the current social order.

What can one do to attain enlightenment and be a Lightworker?

Lightworkers first need to allow freedom into their spirits. They need to allow they light feel their soul. There many steps to attain enlightenment but here are some helpful ways

Know thy self – As the great philosopher Socrates once said, knowing thy self is the most important step into achieving being a Lightworker. This is no easy feat. Many people, who are already in their old age have now yet fully grasped who they truly are. This requires risks, sacrifices, study and meditation.

Leave this world – This one does not mean dying or truly detaching one’s self from this world. Leaving this world means allowing yourself to transcend the worldly calling. To be of a higher consciousness requires you to flow with the Chi, the world’s life force. You must learn that life is a wheel. That sometimes you will be up and successful, yet sometimes you will down in the dumps and no one but yourself will pick you up. Never be attached to material things; for one day they might disappear. Yet, do not be lazy and complacent. Earn a decent keep. Have enough to enjoy life but not too much that you become drowned into money.

Give time for yourself – You must allow your soul to grow and in order to do this, you must let your soul breath. You must nurture your inner child. Treat yourself much like you would treat a babe, feed yourself enough but not too much, allow yourself to rest and sleep, take naps, teach yourself new things and most of all love yourself. Smile at yourself in the morning. Take some time out to do the things you love like cooking, reading, writing, jogging or painting. Drink a bit of wine sometimes. Eat some good food and savor it. Do not deprive your soul but do not over indulge. Balance is the key.

Honor Life and Give Life – Many people, animals and plants suffer around you. A lot of children around the world cannot drink clean water. Some old people need to talk to someone in their nursing homes. People in jail long to be visited and tell stories. Share what you have; but most of all share yourself to the world. The world needs your little acts of kindness for it to be a better place and actually as you help people along, you help yourself too. You feel happier and fulfilled as you share your light into the world.

Reflect, Pray and Meditate – You need to connect to the Higher Being or to the Light Source. You need to recharge your battery by connecting it to the cosmos. Allowing your mind to swirl around the free flowing thoughts of your soul gives you the connectivity and the detachment it needs.

Being a person of the Light requires you to know yourself and to know the world around you. By being a true child of the Sun, you take the responsibility to give Life into this world and remove the marks of pain and sorrow around you. Lightworkers dedicate their whole lives into helping the LIGHT shine in all the four corners of the world.


You can also try this quiz to find out if your lightworker skills are developed or developing!

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California Psychics Review

This psychic network is another one of the old names in the psychic readings world so we thought we should also do a review of California Psychics.  Some of us here at Sunchildren have been using for quite a while now so we will share our thoughts on this network below.

Like psychic source, there are some excellent readers here.  While we have had the odd reading that we didn't think was that great, they are usually very happy to give you another reading in exchange if you feel the reader did not connect properly with you, and this we like.  Still it's great to save time and just get a really good reader from the start so this is why we thought we'd put together this list of the accurate psychics at California Psychics.

Some of us have had experiences that really blew us away and so we will share those reviews with you so that you can find out who are the best psychics at California psychics.

Please join us and share your own customer experiences to make this list even better!

Other things we like about CP are the fact that they do free astrology and horoscopes.

Visit California Psychics.

Who are the best and most genuine psychics at California psychics?

We like:

Marilyn (good medium)

"Thank you Marilyn for a reading far beyond my expectations! Both my parents connected with me as well as my friend I lost a few years ago! With the help of Marilyn, I was able to get a solid message from each one, that I am on the right path. I felt your positive energy and sincere concern for my situation. This really felt like I was sitting talking to a great friend, and she was sorting though my problems..making sense of it all!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to you and your spirits for this beautiful reading I received today. The strength I received from you every time I would call, helped me to be strong and never lose faith. You're the best and I love you. Thanks again. I will be calling with updates!"

"While on the phone with Marilyn about another topic I asked her did she see anything else going on in my life. She told me of my mother passing last week and that she was with my late husband. There was no way that Marilyn would have known any of this except that she is a GOOD psychic. I look forward to the outcome of her predictions on my original reason for calling among other things she brought up. I highly recommend!!"

"This was my second reading with her. Marylin is clear, accurate, gives specific dates with high certainty. she is straightforward and nice. She did not contradict herself from the previous reading. And I appreciate this quality in a psychic who can be precise and constant. Very good psychic."

"Wow, Marilyn was awesome, everything she predicted was on the money. I really enjoyed talking with her, she has a very caring and warm voice, which puts you at easy quickly. If you want the truth and honesty Marilyn is the one to talk with, I promise you, you will not regret it. Marilyn will instinctively become one of your favorites, I have talked with plenty of CP and she is by far one one the best, she picked up on things some of the best did not."

Marilyn is also good for new customers because when we checked she was part of the $1 a minute promo for newbies.


"Daphne tuned right in to my situation about my ex. I didn't give any detail other than a name and birthday. She shed a lot of light on my situation and also gave me some advice on what I should do for the better. I was a little worried at first but after speaking with her she assured me there was no need to worry and that things would turn around for the better between me and my ex! Thanks! She is one of my favs!"

"Daphne did it again! I asked her how my 1st date with an online match was going to go. She said that I would feel that we were cut from different cloths, and was she ever right! He was all about NYC, world travel, and spending money. I'm all about the South, beach vacations with my kids, and living on a budget. She also said that I would be taken aback by his pushiness, and nailed that, too - he repeatedly invaded my space. Fascinating!"

"Words cannot express how much love and gratitude I have for the readings I have recently had with Daphne. Her insight, advice and clarity were right on. I followed what she said and it has made all the difference in the world with my relationship and in my world. Without her insight I would not be in such a positive light and so HAPPY! I am finally receiving what I've always wanted and actually think that dreams can come true! Thank you!!"

"Daphne is AMAZING!! I really like that about her. She's quick and doesn't try to waste your time!! The question is, is she accurate, yes!! She is just a sweetheart and she makes you feel comfortable. I really believe she already know what you going to ask her because she stated something and I was about to ask her about that situation!! That was amazing!! Daphne is an angel!! Thank you, Ms. Daphne for everything!! 5 stars!!"


"Doesn't beat around the bush...gets right into it. She explained things quick and fast and gave me a couple of predictions in roughly 6 minutes. Great reading. Will followup when predictions happen."

"Demi's talent is extraordinary. She also gives the truth in a loving and kindhearted manner. There is a reason she has a line of people waiting to speak to her. I promise you she is well worth it. Thank you, Demi, for offering to keep K and me (J) in your prayers. Know that you are in mine too!"

"This is very simple to express; you are wonderful, Demi! Your accuracy is outstanding, in my opinion, and I am not an easy customer, with a great intuition myself! I just finished talking with you, and the way you were able to connect with me, the moment you heard my voice was just incredibly beautiful! We had an amazing connection, again! I have been a CP customer since 2004, and I want people to know that Demi is the best of the best !Thanks. Love you."


Liam is a little pricier than the psychics that myself and the others like to choose but we included him due to his dealing with love and sex and adult issues, which I haven't seen much of in the psychic world. (Ok plenty of love psychics but not like this one!)  He's also got a really unique reading style that seems to add special power to his words, kind of like a prophet from days gone by!

"Liam, When you enter into the Spirit realm to articulate what you see or hear, the warmth of the connectivity is really calming. I have asked for help and you remember each and every theme and name with keen awareness that all is well no matter what this work situation is bringing. I welcome this job loss with anticipation of being free to re-invent myself in a magical way for the first time ever. The Sun Card offers amzing opportunities. Look up."

"I feel honored to say that I trusted my instincts and I gave Liam the position of a "Guru" right from day one I have been speaking to him. It is so true that it fits his God's gifted talent when he can delve deeper than the core point to give you such accurate insights of even a most complicated situation. He even remembers tiny things from each conversations done way back. I am so lucky to get his consistent guidance with his rich vocabulary."

"Liam is great! He knew why I was calling before I said anything. He told me about my relationships as if he were watching the whole time. He is blessed with a gift and he can give you the facts as well as the truth. He does not waste your minutes, he answers your questions as quickly as he possibly can giving you the answers you may or may not be searching for but he knows. If you need the truth in kind words, Liam is the one you need. Thank you Liam for helping me!"



"This was my second reading with Chastity and it was, once again, an uplifting and amazing reading. She is a very talented psychic and she is sweet and compassionate as well. Thank you so much Chastity, I look forward to another reading in the future."

"An angel in our midst. Chastity is awesome, genuine, and incomparable! So many of what she has said/predicted have to come to be --- almost verbatim, as she describes. This is a testimonial well-deserved for someone who gives her very best to ALL her customers. If you have not talked to Chastity, please do so. You will not regret it!! Take notes as she speaks because she sees and channels so much! Thank you for all you do!!"

How California Psychics helped me

I was feeling really down about a break up I was going through that was really hitting me hard. I just could not believe that after 5 years and a million promises I was back on my own!  I really felt like this was it for me that I was going to die alone, that I would never find anyone. 

I had a trip planned for months with my ex and he actually dumped me and told me just to keep he tickets. He had paid for the trip just a few short months ago, I was so confused how you go from planning the dream vacation to just telling me “keep it all” and walking away.

I was feeling really low and my girlfriends dragged me out for dinner. We were all joking around the table about being able to see the future so we could make better choices when it comes to life and love.

When I got home I could not stop thinking about how great it would be to get a little look at what the future held so I could make decisions based on this insider knowledge. I found this website  and decided to check it out.

I am not really a psychic believer but I have to tell you I was blown away by the information I was given. The psychic that I spoke to gave me life changing information. She told me that someone that I was very angry and disappointed with was actually struggling with their health and they were trying to prevent me from being hurt.

The light bulb came on in my head and I thought “was she talking about Josh?”
Than she actually read my mind and asked “did you go through a break up recently?” and followed up with “it is only a temporary break up you are going to get back together” and that “a doctor in South Carolina might have the answer” she said she saw “a few children in my future”.

I hung up the phone and called Josh immediately. I confronted him and asked him “are you sick?” “are you leaving me because you are trying to protect me?” his answer floored me!

He found out that he had a very serious muscle disease that would deteriorate his health over time and to spare me he was just going to leave me so I would not get “stuck” with him! We found a Dr. together in South Carolina that specializes in Josh's illness and his prognosis is excellent! We were married 1 year after I called the psychic. We are working on our first baby now! 

See the california psychics website

Help us Get More California Psychics info

That's all we have on California psychics readers at the moment, please add your experiences, feedbacks and reviews, good or bad, below so that this list can grow!!  Or if you have a psychic you want us to try out let us know that as well.

If we hear of any coupons or promo codes we will let you know!

Update: Here is a working code that Julie found - New users of CP get 80% Off the regular price

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Psychic Source Reviews

So the first site we are going to review is Psychic Source. Being one of the most famous psychic sites around there, myself and other sun children have used psychic source and liked it.  It's easy to use and they have a good choice of psychics.  

Psychic Source have been around for years and are pretty strict when it comes to choosing their psychics, so most of the readings we have got from there have been good to really good.

We have had the odd reading that we didn't like but usually got this exchanged for another reading.  I think this is just a part and parcel of getting psychic readings, sometimes they go wrong but the good sites will offer you another reading if so.

Anyway I know that people really like to see reviews so below I will share some of our psychic source reviews and some from other customers. I've seen a few bad reviews coming up for them but I think that is because you can't please all of the people all of the time, and people generally tend to comment when they are unhappy with something

If you've used Psychic Source please comment below and tell us what your experience was, who you used and so on, hopefully we will get feedback from everybody, happy and unhappy.  Let's make this a really excellent way to find the best and not so great psychics on psychic source to save us all time!  

Psychic Source Customer Reviews

Some top rated psychics we like:


Betty is so sweet and reassuring and I love talking to her, here's some feedback from us and other customers

"Betty, once again, gave me exactly what I needed: honesty and truth, peace of mind, loving guidance, and renewed faith in the strength of the love my man and I share. I trust this gifted, gifted lady with all my heart. Her readings with me are always spot on. God bless you dear Betty!"

"Excellent. Betty said their behavior is beneath me and to not lower myself to their behavior. She provided wise advice as always. It's clear to see why she is one of the top advisors. She gives sage advice on situations and doesn't involve herself in it - just stays on topic with extremely sage advice. Thank you!!!"

"I liked Betty's reading and her approach. It is no-nonsense and just factual. No sugar coating. Because she doesn't show emotion, I know she is being non-biased. I can see that her prediciton is coming to light."

"Betty is extremely trustworthy psychic. She is without a doubt the best on Psychic Source. Her predictions has come to pass every time. She is someone you can trust and depend on."

"Excellent! Had a good insight reading with Betty. She read me very accurately, and ,as always, gave me a very good advice. Thank you, Betty."

"Betty had told me a few readings ago that my interest I could smell at night. She described the scent and sure as heck I smelt him. Not the smell that Betty told me but it was him. Crazy! I am developing my 3rd eye which Betty picked up and said to keep going. Thanks so much Betty."

"Betty, I hope you read this because I didn't get a chance to thank you. You've been unbelievably helpful!! Betty has been the only advisor I've spoken to who has given me specifics about my life and situation. Not only did she give me specifics, but she confirmed some thoughts and has given excellent advice. She's very well spoken, very kind and so patient. She's wonderful and I will definitely speak with her again!"


Therese is one of Psychic source's most famous readers and so we had to try her.  She doesn't come cheap mind you but she does get to the point quickly and very well. She was especially great when Fleur lost her cat, she helped us find her! She's good at predicting time frames too. Read our and other customer review of Therese below.

"If you have a lost animal, call Therese. Twice, Therese has helped locate a lost animal for me. Sometimes the clues sound strange, but it makes sense when it comes to light. A cat that I thought would never return, did, exactly the way that she said. She is passionate about animals, and her psychic ability seems to be totally in tune with animals in peril. Thank God I called Therese. A very tender soul, with people and animals alike."

"I can now understand why the waiting list to speak with Therese is so lengthy! I am so happy that we had an opportunity to discuss the current challenges in both my career and romantic life! I particularly benefitted from her professional view of the corporate world and how I need to heal from the scenario I left recently. It is also good to know that J's decision to retreat is not permanent and that he will resurface again! Also knowing that a serious contender may enter my love life will certainly make things interesting! I will be calling back with updates for sure!"

"you said I was going to hear from him and see him between 24 and 48 hours. He contact me a couple of hours after I spoke with you and I also saw him :):) Therese what can I say? So far you ROCK for me."

"Therese is absolutely amazing!! She is so incredibly accurate and I always feel better after talking to her, even when it's not what I want to hear. She's hard to get a hold of but well worth the wait! I hope you had a wonderful holiday Therese! Talk to you soon...xoxo"

"She was right a month ago, when she said that I will have an interview with a law firm. I did. However, I did not want it after interviewing. She told me that I probably would not like it, and she was right. She told me that too. She is still saying that I will have a new job by 1st week of June."

"Therese, you are amazing reader and a friend... Thanks for helping me in this situation that I'm. And I hope that everything change soon, I'm really really already for a change, one way or another! Well my best for you, and I'm going to TRY to hold on and see what happen for now on, is hard to NOT think about call you, and tell you everyhting that happen it, I will be thinking about you and what you would tell me in the moment... But I'm going to have to put my credit card for a rest for while(I have too), every call I give to you, was all worth it. Thank you very much... I'm very very glad I met you...Love, Fatima."

Psychic Source Homepage


Mazie might not be as famous as Therese but the good thing about that is she is more affordable, and she is just as experienced, having read for psychic source for 20 years.  Really like her and a great personality.  Great for spiritual readings as well as other things.  Occasionally she does get a bad connection so if your reading has no relevance to you then get a refund! 

"Always 5 stars. Sweet, down to earth, funny. Info that I've ever received has always been dead on."

"You were right about me getting into the acting workshop, you saw my first day at the acting workshop even before I did attend and the two event that will happen in two weeks(without me telling you), it will be my scene in two weeks..Everything you said, happen according as you said..Remote viewing beautiful:) You were right about me sticking with one instrument than two, as I was trying to utilize two instruments, obstacles keep arising causing me to only choose one..I love my mama Mazie, always accurate, honest, straightforward, and knows everything (everything from telepathy and the people and energy around me)...Oh by the way, you were also right about a man from my past coming back to my life, he's the same man who coincidentally got promoted and transferred just as the same time I got transferred and promoted!!! Mazie is the best my friends!!!"

"your right on! things are starting to move a little more with me and A. I hope to see the rest of your predictions come to pass soon. thank you!"

"This lady has restore my faith! She is amazing! The only advisor whose predictions have so far come thru for me....On my previous testimonial dated 8/9, I stated that the short term prediction she had giving me had happened, less than a week after I spoke to her. Well....I was WRONG! It actually happened yesterday Sun 8/12, and she was RIGHT!! We were both driving, and I caught a red light on the street he was coming from!!! He drove right past me!! lol. She was slightly off on her timing, and the day of the week.. But it still happened less than a month of my first call to her!!! That first sighting was a curve ball! lol! Wow!!! I was so excited that I had to call her this morning and give her the news! :) Had an awesome 2nd reading with her! Mazie, is able to give you lots of detailed info thru her guides, and I amazed that she was able to NOT ONLY give me a time frame, day of the week, place of event, but how much MONEY I will be spending at the time as well!! Amazing!! This is another short time frame prediction but I have faith that Mazie's vision will come to be whether or not she's off on timing!! Thanks for giving me hope again Mazie...You are truly amazing and gifted person!!! :) BTW..I love the new profile pic, very pretty!"

"okay mazie you said he would come over by sunday 9/5. well he came over 9/4, and i'm happy just waiting,he told me he loved me and can't forget the mistake the lady said at work that i died and he said he would of jumped in the grave with me, well i'm not dead as you know and i'm doing great,i told him there has been a bond there for years and now he has to do what he knows is right, he is still afraid of losing me i know he is in love with me so now we see what happens after the holidays. thank you we have alot of years behind us you and me i know it has to be over 5 years now, talk to you soon"



Ricky is another one of the very famous and best psychic source psychics and we've used him many times over the years, and there is somethign very loveable about him, or at least that is what us ladies say anyway!  Just like Therese he isn't cheap but when you really need good advice he is a great psychic to consult.

"WOW!!! Ricky is SUPER FABULOUS!!! I am so glad he took my call. He totally blew me away! I am BREATHLESS and utterly SPEECHLESS! I can barely type this feedback... His readings are ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL!!! I love his style of delivering the message, his confidence, calming nature and how HE KNOWS SOOOOO MUCH!!! It was like talking to a friend, except none of my friends are this GIFTED! I could validate everything he said that I knew first hand about the people involved. Ricky gave lots of details, clearly explained what's going on, gave sound advice, and future dates for specific changes to occur. Everything makes sense now!

This was my first time speaking with Ricky and it will not be my last... I see why there are always so many callers waiting in line for a reading from Ricky. I will be back in line because HE IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT! I don't need confirmation from any other adviser because Ricky nailed everything!!! My spirit has been lifted and I am hopeful for the future. The call ended before I could say Thank you Ricky!!! YOU ARE THE BEST and YOU DESERVE A BILLION STARS!!! Will contact you again soon... J-DC"

"I love Ricky!! everything he tells me comes true. He can see things and know things that no one else knows or picks up.."

"Ricky is always frank, very psychic, has been accurate in the past - which is why I continue to listen to him, he's good on dates. Consistently genuine."

"I remembered Ricky saying that the first plan in going to the restaurant, A and I love will be rescheduled. Well guess what my dear Ricky it was rescheduled. OMG you are really something. You continue to amazed me. Love the 3 of you. Sorry I was not able to say bye but will keep you posted. Hope you like the cologne. Love you Ricky"

"Princess Rachel loves the incredible, legendary and magnificent big brother Ricky! I send you tons of love and light my big bro! Thank you brother Rick for walking with me through thick and thin: you are a second father to me, a big brother, a true angel, and a true friend! You're always in my heart! I've got the chills, too, big bro as everything you told me since last year, all are panning out and unfolding even the little and huge ones! Having a reading or having that chance to speak with the great Ricky, will change your life and will unlock the answers to your questions! Ricky is one of the greatest readers of all-time from the many years of experience as a medium and reader! You can absolutely trust him as he delivers honesty, accuracy, authenticity and spiritual guidance from the other realm as well!

Like Sadie, Peg, Deidre Woods, Moira, Leena, Joseph, Liz, Stella, Therese, Ernest and Narnia, the legendary Ricky puts his full soul and devotion to his readings and crafts giving that satisfaction and fulfillment to his clients including me! Brother Ricky has touched so many lives and restored many from his incredible abilities and amazing wisdom! A Hall of Fame award should absolutely be given to the legendary great Ricky! I love you big bro! Thank you it's finally happening! Love and light, your Princess Rachel"

"Ricky was fabulous. Since my reading with him 3 out of 4 things he said would happen have. The time frame for the fourth things has not come yet, but I have no doubt that when it does, it will happen. Thank you Ricky! You are wonderful!"


A couple of us have tried Tami recently as she is recommended by psychic source, here's our feedback and one from someone else. Again she may not be as failproof as readers like therese but she is super quick and to the point and a bit cheaper than ricky and therese so worth a go if you like the sound of her from her profile.  She found a lost thing for one of us which was great, often psychics find this difficult in my experience.

"MT (Magick Tami) was right on target. Could not find my gold necklace, she said it was in the pocket of my jacket, sure enough I found it after months of wondering where I put it. Told her I was trying to rent a house, she told me it was mine and the other family would back out. My realtor called me a few days later and said that we were turned down and the other family was given the rental. I was disappointed that MT wasn't correct....2 days passed the realtor called me back..the other family backed out and the house was mine!! Wow, she was right again. Amazing!"

"I just love Magick Tami, she is wonderful! Tami has helped me through a job loss as well as romance issues. Once she "tunes" into your situation she does not waiver. Tami, thank you for your guidance you are truly gifted!!!"

"I appreciated her blunt response, just straight to the point, didnt burn up YOUR minutes....can't wait to see her timeline on this situation, hope it come to pass for my daughters sake. THANKS Tami"

Why Do I use psychics?

I was skeptical when it came to psychics. I thought calling a psychic was something I would never go for. One of my friends had been using a psychic for years to help her plan everything from her love life to her career.

She pressed and pressed me to give it a try when I was debating on taking on a new job half way across the country and breaking up with my boyfriend to take it. I was really struggling with the idea and was getting pressure from my boss to make a decision.

After about two weeks of her pushing me to call I did and boy did it change the way I look at psychics.

 The conversation started out rather general I was not that impressed but than it got a little more personal and even things I had not told my closest friends about my fears and concerns.

I was completely blown away by the way she was able to talk to me about my future and how my past was playing such a huge role in how I was approaching the situation. To say that this conversation was enlightening is really downplaying how I felt that minute I hung up the phone.

 Based on the information this psychic shared with me I did not take the job across country, but I was offered a similar position for MORE money 2 months later. That boyfriend that I was considering leaving behind turned into an excellent husband!  We have a beautiful house that we just purchased a a beautiful new baby!

If I did not call, I would have taken that job. I would never have my beautiful family AND a better career.  That phone call literally changed my life for the better. It was a pivotal moment in my life and I am always grateful that I made that call. It changed the course of my life for the better.

I would recommend that anyone that is faced with a life decision makes the call. Having that insider information can help you to live your life by design and not just be the victim of circumstance. 

You can get the help you need to make the right choices about your relationship, career and other important decisions. A psychic changed my life for the better. It was one of the best things I have ever did! 

Who are the best psychics on psychic source?

Thats all we've got for now, but if you have a psychic you like or don't like let us know and we will add your review and will try to use him or her, or you can leave a psychic source review below in the comments! We want to find the very best psychics the have!

Help us find out who you think are the best psychics on this network!

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